A web app that munches on TEI Collations

Please note that Apatosaurus is in a public beta testing phase. All users are invited to use the app and I welcome bug reports, feature requests, and other feedback.

I would like to help users import their existing collation data. If the import tool does not seem to work, please contact me. TEI is a very flexible format and the importer may need to be tweaked in order import some collation files.

Visualize Textual Data

Explore existing collation data in an intuative layout. View variation unit boundaries, readings, reading types, witnesses, editor's notes, and more.

Create and Edit Textual Collations

Add or edit the basetext, variation unit boundaries, readings, witnesses, genealogical relationships, and more. Collations can be exported in TEI or Microsoft Word formats.

Analyze Collation Data

Apply a Suite of Analytical Tools to your Collation Data including a platform and interface for a full implementation of the CBGM.

Publish a Digital Critical Apparatus

Apatosaurus provides a platform not only for creating and editing collations, but also for publishing and sharing them with the world.